Q: How can I see if an item is in stock?
A: Current stock availability is listed when you hover over "View all sizes and stock" section of the product page.  This is located under the Add to Cart button. 

Q: Are samples returnable?
A: Yes, samples are refunded in full when returned within the standard time frame.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a rug?
A: Most shipments ship within one to two weeks of placing the order. Current stock availability is listed under the  "View all sizes and stock" section of the product page. Stock changes frequently and is updated as often as possible.

Q: What's the right size rug for my room?
A: In dining rooms it is important that the chairs, when pulled out from the table, remain on the rug. This generally requires an 8'x10' rug or larger. There are no precise guidelines for other rooms. The best way to determine the right size is to spread out sheets of newspaper approximating a size that you like, take the measurements, and choose the closest size available.

Q: How can I check my order status?
A: You can login to your account to check the order status, or fill out the order status request form here.  Many items ship before tracking is added to the order.  We will obtain the tracking and update your order as soon as the warehouse provides it.

Q: Do you carry rugs not shown on the website?
A: . Yes, we have access to almost every rug made. If you are searching for a specific rug, just let us know and we'll get it for you at the best price. For Kalaty rugs click here, and Loloi Rugs click here to see the full line and request pricing.

Q: What if I've found the same rug for less?
A: . We offer the best prices on rugs. Guaranteed. If you happen to see a rug for less, just let us know and we'll adjust the price. It's that simple. See our 110% Low Price Guarantee.

Q: What if my rug arrives damaged from shipping?
A: If possible, refuse delivery of the rug from the shipper and call us immediately so that we can arrange a replacement. If the rug is delivered when you are not at home, leave the rug in the original wrapping and call Rugs101.com for instructions. All orders from Rugs101.com are protected by Our Customer Protection Guarantee.

Q: What do I do if my rug seems to have a problem?
A: Often times, what at first appears to be a problem really isn't. Many rugs develop creases or a compressed pile during shipping. This usually goes away within a week or two. Other more serious problems may include color runs, overcasting pulls (on the edge), ripped fringe, or streaks in the pile. These problems require a replacement in which case Rugs101.com will ship out a replacement rug and pick up the damaged rug at no charge. See our Our Customer Protection Guarantee.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the rug? Can I return it?
A: Please view our Return Policy for details: https://www.Rugs101.com/pages/easy-returns

Q: How long can I expect my rug to last?
A: Machine made rugs, hooked rugs, dhurries and kelims can last, depending on traffic, anywhere from ten years to a lifetime. Most handmade rugs are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. You can learn more about the durability of rugs in the Durability Section of our Rugs 101 primer.

Q: Will the rug fade over time?
A: Most rugs will not fade under normal light conditions. In extreme situations with high sun exposure, you can expect some fading to occur. Vegetable dyed rugs will fade more quickly than the more common chemical dyes. You can learn more about dyes in the Dyes Section of our Rugs 101 primer.

Q: How do I maintain my rug?
A: Fortunately, rugs are very easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming and a routine cleaning every three to five years will keep your rug in good condition.

Q: Does the size include the fringe?
A: On handmade oriental rugs the size does not include the fringe but, usually, on machine made rugs the measurements do include the fringe.

Q: Is a rug pad necessary?
A: Yes, definitely. The proper rug padding can add years to the life of your rug and protect your floors as well. Waffle weave textured rug pads allow airflow, reducing the stress on the rug fibers effectively extending the life of the rug.

Q: Is it normal for my rug to shed?
A: Yes, shedding for many rugs is normal, and does not indicate a poorly-made or low-quality rug. Wool, Viscose and Silkette rugs will shed the most when it is brand new, and then shed less and less after a few months of being in your home. 

The most important thing to keep in mind for these types rugs is that you want to have a vacuum that doesn’t have too much suction but can still get to dirt and grime between the fibers. That balance can be difficult to achieve, especially with the larger vacuum brands. For example, Dyson and Shark vacuums are very popular, but both of these brands tend to have too much suction for wool products unless they offer adjustable suction settings. With proper maintenance, carpets and rugs can last decades, but using vacuums with too much suction can damage the fibers and decrease the lifetime of your rug.